Facebook Messenger App for Kids

App for Kids

It is no surprise that kids are using technology at a pretty young age these days and the key part of this is, using it to communicate with friends and family. However, most kids use tablets or iPod Touch that don’t have phone numbers, so they are not able to text or video chat unless it with their parent’s phone, which isn’t great for them. Parents could use an app like FaceTime or Hangouts but most of these apps do not offer the kind of control that parents want. So Facebook came up with a solution-the Messenger Kids.

However, most of must be thinking that you will have to sign up your kids on Facebook, but worry not, you don’t have to. You do have to have an account as this app uses the parent’s account to set up the child’s Messenger Kids account.

You must be thinking how it works? So here we will guide you through. When you download the Messenger Kids app, the first thing is to authorise it with your Facebook account. This will not log you into another device, all it does is use your account to authenticate it. The next step is to create a Messenger Kids account which is completely separate from your account and also doesn’t create a Facebook account for your kid. This app is also ad-free.

Now the real question, how will the kids make friends on Messenger Kids? Well, the answer is through your account. Facebook has added a feature that parents can control and only you can add contacts for the kids. Adding adult family members is easy as they already have accounts, but if your kid wants to be friends with other children then what? In this case, you need to be friends with parents of your child’s friends. If any of your child’s friend is already on the Messenger Kids, you will see their name under the parent’s name so you can easily tap them to add as a friend to your child. On the other hand, the parents of your kid’s friend will have to approve your request.

This is how this app works and is designed to bring families together for conversations.